Judge: Jill Nesi, Emmy-nominated Songwriter

jillnesiThe founder of Can U Sing USA, Jill Nesi has been involved with writing, singing and producing music,for the past 15 years. It is a natural progression to produce this singing event.

Jill is a pianist and four-time Emmy-nominated songwriter. She has been writing and performing children’s music for the last 15 years. Jill has written and produced over 10 children’s CDs. Her catchy tunes have proven to be an enormous success among her target audience, motivating a wide range of kids to sing and dance along.

She is currently producing a series of music videos aimed at school-aged children (grades preschool to 4th grade) that address the very serious growing problem among children in the U.S. in which one out of every four children is obese and lacks a healthy lifestyle.

Jill has also been very involved in writing, singing and producing insprirational music for women with Breast Cancer. She has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars and was instrumental in putting together a documentary to raise awareness to breast cancer survivors.

Jill and recording artist Kailin Garrity recorded a CD of original music called One Jill and donated a thousand CDs to Circle of Care. All proceeds from the sale of CDs went directly to CIRCLE OF CARE. Garrity also contributed her original composition, “Free,” to the CD.

Most recently, Jill wrote and recorded inspirational CDs for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. (New York, New Jersey and Ct.) Several local young singers from Madison were featured vocalists on the theme song, “Dreams Come True.”

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